Wednesday, April 05, 2006

a (bad) joke

A member of my choir is singing a big Bach piece with another choir next week, so he handed out some leaflets in rehearsal tonight to drum up some interest.

Someone said, "Good job you're doing Jean-Sebastien Bach and not his son, Carl Phillipe Emmanuel, because no one wants to see anything by CPE Bach right now!"


And that, my friends, is likely the only post you'll get out of me concerning the CPE and the strikes in France, except to say that it's been really interesting watching the events unfold, though I can say that since they haven't affected me at all see update below. I know many others in my sidebar haven't been so lucky. Ah, to live in the countryside.... Sorry. I tease because I love.

Also, I don't like the French tendancy to Frenchify common names of classical composers - even in the States we called him Johann and not Jean. But, that's how I heard the joke, so I left it.

Today was a very long day, and I'm pooped. Hopefully, pooped enough to sleep through the night, for a change. Nighty night!

Update: I'm seeing reports that they're calling for another strike next Tuesday, when I travel to Paris because my flight leaves the next morning. Can anyone confirm/deny?

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