Thursday, April 27, 2006

france makes me smile

I had to run over to the local grocery a little while ago to pick up some odds and ends (you know, the stuff you need between the big grocery shops) and as I was wondering down the DVD isle, I learned that the French title of "The Dukes of Hazzard" is "Sherif fais-me peur," or "The Sheriff Scares Me." Heh.

Then driving home I was distracted by a few boys hanging out under the shade of a tree. Well, the boys themselves didn't really distract me, but the one who did a roundoff back-handspring did. Is my village well known for it's gymnastics or something? Have the French recently adopted cheerleaders for football (I can't even say "soccer" anymore) games?

One week after coming home and the biggest step of unpacking is finished - the suitcase is empty. That's not to say that everything has been put away, but at least the suitcase isn't laying open and staring at me everytime I go downstairs. Normally I can't stand the clutter but with Steph home still on Easter holidays, I can't get motivated to do much more than throw a couple of loads in the washer per day and go downstairs and cook meals. What is it about him being home all the time that drains all my motivation away? I've thrown myself into my new recipe search with wild abandon and have a couple of warmer-weather recipes to try out over the next couple of weeks.

Tomorrow there's another stage at the conservatory for our choir and the youth choir which is going to last all day, but I'm going to leave at the lunch break because I have approximately one zillion errands to run and I don't know what time the afternoon session is going to end. Gas prices are climbing higher and higher here so we've got to try to condense as much as possible to help save a little money. I have implemented step one for taking over the world working at home but until that bears fruit it's really time to tighten the belts a little bit.

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