Thursday, April 13, 2006

vivi's tips for international travel

* When flying out of Charles de Gaulle Terminal 2, be sure to arrive as soon as possible. I got there two and a half hours before my flight and practically walked right on the plane, thanks to the ridiculously long passport control. Oh, and I was lucky - just after I got through, one of the two passport controllers went on break.

* I don't care what your health situation is, always ask for a low-fat meal. I did it for the first time this trip, and I was super impressed. Plenty of tasty food and none of the greasy feeling afterwards.

* Headphones are a great alternative to beating the snot out of that toddler three rows behind you making high pitched squeals. For eight hours.

* When using the washroom facilities on board your plane, be sure that water comes out of the faucet before lathering up the hands with soap. The moist towelettes stacked up next to the faucet might be a good hint.

* Addendum to last tip: Moist towelettes are not an effective way to remove soap from your hands.

Dang, it's hard to be funny when you've been awake for thirty-two hours. I have most certainly arrived. First stop off the plane was to visit my good friend Moe. Sweet tea and cheesy goodness. And then I sat down in front of the tv and found Dog the bounty hunter. I'm gonna be here for a while. More about what I did in Paris yesterday and stuff after I've slept a couple of days. Or something.

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