Sunday, April 16, 2006

party party party

When my family gets together, we don't need much of an excuse for a party, but we've got plenty of things to celebrate this weekend so we've had one event right after the other over the last couple of days. Last night we celebrated my cousin's wedding and welcomed J into the family. We had a nice time getting to know her and catching up with various and sundry relatives coming into town for the holiday weekend.

This afternoon we had a surprise birthday party for my great-aunt who will turn 80 on Easter Sunday. She thought she was coming to the bridal shower for her granddaughter, so imagine her face when everyone waiting in the church library burst into "Happy Birthday!" when she walked in the door. It was priceless! I gave the video feature on my camera another workout and I can't wait to get home and see how it came out.

I just came from the actual bridal shower my aunt thought she was going to this afternoon. My cousin Lisa is getting married in June and this shower was thrown by her sisters. They had the most fun shower game I've ever seen - since the shower had a tropical theme, everyone got laied (ha!) and if anyone got caught saying the special word, they got their lai taken away. The person with the most lais at the end of the evening won a prize. Since we were treated to, among other delicious desserts, a chocolate fondue, the special word was "chocolate." Cousin Liz was the front-runner for most of the evening, but I just happened to be standing behind her when she muttered something about chocolate on her pants and I caught her out and won all her lais. This happened only moments before Lisa was finished opening her gifts, so I didn't have to hold out very long to be declared the winner! I had such a good time having a girls' night with the amazing ladies in my family.

Tomorrow is the Big Day when we'll be heading to the church bright and early at 10:45 (now there's some good Christians who like to sleep late - my kind of people!) and then we'll be back out at the farm to spend the day with the family and, I'm sure, eating lots of delicious food. I'm going to try to get away at some point with my camera and take some photos of the gorgeous flowers that are blooming all around my Grandmother's house. I'm surprised the pollen hasn't gotten to me yet with all this bloomin' going on, and I hope it stays that way for the next few days!

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