Friday, April 14, 2006

things about america i'd forgotten

* People wear work-out clothes out in public - and they're not even going to work out!

* It's not necessary to say goodbye to people when you walk out of a store!

* One load of laundry only takes an hour and a half, from start to finish!!

Yesterday, my sister and I did a little retail therapy (in fact, more retail therapy than I'd anticipated, ouch) and then went out to the farm to see Dad and Grandma. My father's childhood best friend with his wife, daughter and two of his grandchildren are passing through on the way to Florida in their RV and have stayed the night, so we had a great day of catching up. Today is lunch with the girlies and back to the farm to visit with relatives coming in from out of town.

Exotic American food consumed:
everything bagel with cream cheese
hazelnut coffee
BLT with real bacon
hash browns, scattered

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