Tuesday, May 23, 2006

an accidental birthday gift

my awesome gift
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When Gnumoon announced that she was going to be taking performance photos at this year's MerleFest, I was greener than green with envy. Not only is it an amazing music festival with all kinds of different music represented, but one of my favorite bluegrass bands, Nickel Creek was performing this year. Not only did Gnumoon take unbelieveable action shots of the whole shebang, but she went out of her way to send me a program from the festival, signed by Miss Sara of Nickel Creek herself! In the accompanying note, she said, "and Sara says, 'Bonjour!'" Well bonjour right back Miss Sara. Rock on. Thanks so much, Gnumoon; since it arrived three days before my birthday, I'm counting it among my gifts, I hope you don't mind!

So yes, today is my birthday. I have nothing at all planned for today. Steph is gone all day in Chalons and I may walk to the grocery store and buy a birthday chocolate bar. I have no complaints, I've done more than my share of traveling this year and we did have the big party this weekend, and doing nothing at all is loads better than what I went through last year. That being said, if anyone can arrange a birthday something similar to this for next year, it would be much appreciated. Api Birzdai to me!

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