Tuesday, May 30, 2006

five things

After rereading yesterday's run-on sentence of a post (hoo boy, do I need to get out of the house more often or what?), I realized that today would be a good idea to do The Bold Soul's Five Things Meme wot she tagged me for.

Five items in my fridge
1. Leftover chicken salad from last night, which I shall enjoy for lunch today
2. Strawberries. I love that you can only get fresh fruit when it's in season!
3. Beer. That has been in our fridge since Christmas. Not big beer drinkers, us.
4. Cherry yogurt. Actually, cherries just came into season so I'm going to have to buy some fresh ones soon...
5. Bricks. No, not the kind you build houses with, like this. Sorry I can't find anything in English about them, but this is a great site about French cooking.

Five items in my closet
You're lucky I have a closet! They're not easily found in France! So, in the closet in the office...
1. My wedding accessories, including shoes (is it too sentimental not to wear them again? They're really cute...), garter and tiara (ok it's not really a tiara but it's metally and goes on your head)
2. Old photos that will eventally find their way into photo albums. One day.
3. Steph's box of shoe shining things
4. A tin box of various medals Steph won while playing table tennis
5. A box of various and sundry computer accessories that probably don't work

Five items in my car
Bit of a handicap here, as (a) the car was cleaned out last week and (b)it's not here so I'm working from memory
1. A large umbrella
2. discarded parking meter receipts
3. some fishing accessory (like I said, working from memory)
4. a large bottle of motor oil
5. an incredible amount of dust

Five items in my purse
1. small bottle of water, which I added recently because it seems I'm always dying of thirst as soon as I leave the house
2. folder holding choir music - it's a big bag
3. perscription sunglasses
4. camera
5. hawaiian lip gloss I've had for two years now, this stuff lasts forever!

Five people who are "it" now
Oh no you don't. Every time I tag someone I get yelled at, so if you'd like to pinch this meme, please feel free. Let me know you've done it and I'll link you here.

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