Friday, May 26, 2006

ascension party!

Yesterday was a holiday in France, and we were meant to meet the MIL and SIL at the annual vide grenier in Romilly, where Steph used to work, in the morning before meeting up with friends (Steph's former colleagues) in the afternoon. Since the weather was absolute crap yesterday morning, we waited until after lunch, walked down the main street filled with less-than-spectaular stuff, and met up with the friends and did it all over again, except this time with a nice fine drizzle of rain. Then we went back and plowed through a couple of beers each, several bottles of wine and all the snack foods available in a three-block radius. I'm sure you can imagine how I'm feeling today. Oy.

I've got to buck up because there's grocery shoppin' to do, plus I have to go to Troyes this evening for half an hour and maybe sing (I can explain this better if you care). There's nothing much else interesting going on, but Karla's post today made me think of a completely random story.

If I were ever going to start a band (chances are now highly unlikely but I was in a garage band for about five minutes so it's not wholly unreasonable that I would have these thoughts) it would be called The Speaker Children. That's because many, many moons ago, I would go visit my friend Carrie, who was going to college in St. Augustine, and we would go to The Milk Bar in nearby Jacksonville. All around the dance floor were enormous speakers with kids (yes, even in college we were old beyond our years) swaying in front of them, as though in homage to their god. I'm sure it was really Carrie that christened them "Speaker Children," because she's way cleverer than me, but in any case I'd intended to steal it and ride to glory with it.

So if you were going to start a band, what would you call it?

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