Friday, May 05, 2006

the upstairs

the office
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I had enough presence of mind after I cleaned the upstairs to take some photos, which is something I planned to do way back when I got the new camera (you can find a couple of photos of the downstairs in my flickr set called "home sweet home").

You may notice two things as you go through them:

1. All available windows are open!
The downstairs is still quite cool but with two computers running in one little space, it is already a bit warm upstairs. Happily, we get a gorgeous breeze with two skylights and two windows. Plus all the natural light is so wonderful, it really lifts my spirits!

2. The walls are very bare.
This is a difference of opinion between Steph and I - because we're renting, he doesn't want to have to take the time to cover any holes in the walls and risk losing some of our deposit, and I think that you should make your house a home, no matter how long you're there, and that means decorating with photos and what-not. I have graciously conceded to live in a home with bare walls, as I know eventually we will buy a house and I'll do whatever I damn well please with it. Believe it or not, all the walls have textured wallpaper instead of paint (that can't be less expensive, surely?).

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