Friday, May 12, 2006


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Yesterday, I ran away to Dijon with Doc, who, along with her son Matthieu, had eye doctor's appointments there. We took advantage of this to go to IKEA (pronounced in France "ee-kee-ah"). This was my first time walking into an IKEA and it did not disappoint.

We started off in the cafeteria, where we dined on their famous Swedish meatballs - very tasty! Then we walked around the first floor exhibition area where Doc ordered more goodies for her new house and I found the one item I was looking for (yes, I chose something I wanted from the catalog before I went, and a good thing, too!). Then we went down to the ground floor, where Doc stocked up on new goodies for her new kitchen and I picked up something extra myself (who can beat two wooden kitchen cutting boards for 2 Euros?). After we did some damage to our bank accounts (granted, I did much less damage!) we visited the Swedish food mart, where I picked up what Doc assures me are real bread and butter pickles, some Swedish cheese, and a couple of bottles of Swedish root beer (!). And after all that shopping, why not rest your feet and enjoy a soda and a hot dog, for only one Euro? Then we piled in the car and made the trek home, where poor little Matthieu zonked out in no more than 10 minutes.

Man, that was fun. And now, I get it, ok? I know what it is to love IKEA. I want to go back tomorrow. With mucha moolah. Oh, and wondering what I bought? Don't worry, I'll be taking pictures of it, as soon as Steph installs it this weekend (oooh, intriguing!).

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