Thursday, December 23, 2004

holiday insanity

We just got home from finishing up the Christmas shopping. Unfortunately, everyone else had the same idea, so it was absolutely frustrating! The parking garage was packed, so we had to park across the street. Inside Carrefour, buggies were lined up to the back of the store waiting to check out. Luckily we were only short one gift and the rest was just food essentials, so we were able to go through the "10 items or less" line, which was still a good little wait. Any ideas we had of any browsing around downtown were quickly thrown out the window when we realized that it would be twice as bad there as it was at Carrefour. It was an exercise in patience, to be sure!

To make matters worse, I've been feeling under the weather the last few days. Yesterday I took an unprecedented three hour afternoon nap, which, if you know me well, is quite unusual. I cannot nap. All attempts at napping, even back in college, result in staring at the ceiling and thinking about all the things I could be doing instead of lying there. But my stomach has been trying to turn itself inside-out, so there was nothing for it but to rest yesterday. I'm still feeling woozy today. All I know is that it better right itself quick, because even an inside-out stomach will not keep me from partaking in escarot and fondue tomorrow night at my in-law's for Christmas Eve dinner!

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