Thursday, December 16, 2004

i got it bad

Tonight, Steph will be staying in the village where he teaches to play tarot. This was a weekly event last year, but because everyone's schedules are different this year, this is the first night they've arranged it. It's very convenient for Steph,
since he works a full day today and only works for a couple hours tomorrow morning.

The fact that tonight will be the first night apart from him since we were married is putting a weird kink in my day.

Today's a normal Thursday; there's presents to wrap and an apple pie to bake and I may even try to run downtown to buy Steph's present before I head off to choir rehearsal. But knowing that I'll be coming home to a dark apartment and he won't be meeting me at the door has seriously bummed me out. It has bummed me out so much that I'm finding it difficult to get inspired to do any of the aforementioned things.

Yeah, I got it bad.

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