Thursday, January 25, 2007

back to craftin'

three little words #5
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Remember this old thing? I haven't work on this marquoir since the beginning of last summer, because it was just to hot to sit with all that fabric draped over me. I picked it up again a couple of months ago and picked at it here and there between making books as Christmas gifts. I finally just finished it up this section today, but I'm none too happy with it. A lot of the pieces aren't adding up and I can't find where the mistakes are, which will be bad, bad news when I get to the next section. I hope I don't have to call this a wash or start over now that I'm nearly half way through it. You can see the rest of the pieces here.

Meanwhile, I finally caved in and decided to learn how to knit. I resisted forever and then suddenly, out of the blue, I decided that it would be a nice change to have some kind of crafting hobby that was actually practical. I can't even explain it - out of nowhere I desperately wanted to know how to do it. I am under the tutelage of master knitter Flare and have bought my first skeins and needles (you can see them in my flickr feed by clicking on the photo) and I'm going to be studying this site to get me started. Wish me luck!

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