Monday, January 29, 2007

when appliances betray you

Last week, we discovered that the sèche-linge, or clothes dryer, isn't working right. To be honest, it's worse than that - it's blowing out the fuse, knocking out all of the electricity. At first I didn't realize the dryer was the culprit - this took several rounds of process of elimination and a few trips outside to turn the electricity back on.

So now that we know it's the dryer, we've got to figure out what to do about it. Steph wants to have a crack at it before we call someone in. The thing is about seven years old so it may just have given up the ghost and that's all. In the meantime, I must hang everything to dry and then *shudder* iron everything, thanks to the enormously high amounts of calcium in French water, which leaves clothes as stiff starch. Gee, and I was afraid of being bored. Ha! Who has time?

Meanwhile, I am well and truly obsessed with knitting. I started my first real project last night, with quite a lot of help and guidance from Flare, with the aid of my flickr feed and a barrage of emails. If I haven't said it yet, thanks, Flare, for your patience while I wig out over my new obsession!

Plus, if things go well, I may be making a visit to the City of Light next week. Flare's going to take me on a knitting-related shopping spree. I'd better leave the bank card at home...

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