Tuesday, January 02, 2007

happy new year!

We rang in the New Year in a rather quiet fashion, between the cheese course and dessert chez Doc and Marc. The four of us enjoyed, as always, the fruits of Doc's labor in the kitchen (she declared that while I am artsy-fartsy, she is cuisiney-weeny) while their two little ones were tucked into bed. We all joked that we were going to have to set the alarm for midnight so we could properly celebrate, but it wasn't long after that we all hit the hay and Steph and I nearly slept in far too late to be considered polite.

The next day was leisurely and simple, chatting with Marc's parents and playing with the kids. One of my favorite moments was this conversation, between Doc and her two-year old, whom she calls Muppet, as lunch was winding down:

Doc: Would you like some fruit?

Muppet: No.

Doc: Would you like a clementine?

Muppet: No.

Doc: Would you like some banana?

Muppet: No.

Doc: Would you like a car?

Muppet: No.

Doc: Would you like a million euros?

Muppet: ... yes.

Smart kid. Anyway, we had a great time, thanks Doc and Marc for your hospitality, as always, and we hope to return the favor soon!

Thank you, all of you who take a glance at my little outpost on the internet from time to time. I hope you all rang in the New Year in the way that gave you the most pleasure, and here's to the feeling of a fresh new start and the courage to embrace everything that comes our way this year!

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