Wednesday, April 11, 2007

spring has sprung

Yes, Spring is officially here. The excellent weather has continued and it has warmed up enough to open a few windows and turn off the heat upstairs. Of course, with Spring comes allergies and I'm surprised to find myself perfectly fine - for years in South Carolina the pollen bothered me so much that I had to take allergy medicine every day of the year. Unfortunately, it's gotten to Steph, or so we think. He's been miserable for weeks now and it finally caught up with him this morning, as he didn't have the courage to go to work, which is saying quite a lot, since I've seen him soldier on through fevers and other less than pleasant maladies. Instead of suffering through a couple of hours of waiting to see the doctor (he couldn't get an appointment for this morning and the doctor sees patients 'first come first served' in the afternoons), he took an appointment for Monday and will suffer through the last two days of the week before Spring Break starts this weekend. This is the same guy who once said, "If I go to the doctor, he'll tell me something's wrong!" which I find is a typical male response (what is up with that?), but I hate seeing him suffer. All I can do is try not to kill him when he snores at twice the normal volume as usual at night.

Meanwhile, we finally figured out that our clothes dryer is not, in fact, broken, but the electrical socket it was connected to probably is. The socket in question is built into the bathroom vanity and probably wasn't meant to handle such high powered equipment, but why it worked for over a year and finally gave up the ghost is anyone's guess. We managed to come up with a surge protector that wasn't in use and plugged both the washer and dryer into it, and voila! we're back in business! I never thought I'd say that three hours for washing and drying a load of clothes was fast, but it sure did seem that way this morning, after months of waiting twenty-four hours for clothes to air-dry in the hallway. And our clothes are soft again! Not to mention the towels or the bedsheets...

Otherwise, things are rolling along. I received my new knitting accessories last week and have been knitting away and enjoying this gorgeous weather. It's so nice to have sunlight streaming through the windows after months and months of gray. I hope you've got similar Spring weather wherever you are!

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