Friday, March 06, 2009

Fry's weigh in and other items only interesting to Mommy

So Fry had his four month appointment this morning and in a surprise to exactly no one, he's still at the top of his weight class his age group in height and weight. Today he was eight kilos (17.6 pounds) and 64 cm (25.2 inches). At this rate, he will most likely transition to 9/12 month clothes by the end of the month, as six month clothes top out at 67 cm!

Fry did great once again getting his vaccinations and only cried an extra thirty seconds compared to the first time. However, he's been a lot more fussy and has had trouble napping all day, though no fever yet. I think the combination of the vaccinations and teething are the culprit and hopefully a full night's sleep will cure what ails him.

So the doctor has recommended starting Fry on veggies and after doing a little bit of research about starting solids so early, I'm ready to try. According to this article, he's showing at least four signs of being ready, including doubling his birth weight (and how!) and being able to sit up well when supported. There's a great product here that has a combination of milk and carrots or pumpkin and he's had no problems with those this week. Anyway, we won't force him if he's not ready, but we'll be trying out a little carrot tomorrow.

In other news, I'm very sad to report that my pinto bean connection has disappeared! She was there a couple of weeks ago, but Fry and I ran some errands yesterday in Troyes and stopped by Les Halles and the lady and my delicious, delicious pinto beans were gone!

I am only consoled by the reason Fry and I went to Troyes yesterday - to pay for our flight to visit North Carolina in August!! We've got our tickets in our hot little hands and now I just have to wait four long months. I guess packing our bags now would be a little premature...


Anonymous said...

I am coming to Paris in April and would be more than happy to pack some dried pinto beans and drop them off somewhere in Paris. Just let me know and it's done!

Sue B.

DM said...

Love reading your posts, even now that they are relatively mommy related.

My boys are nearly 3 years apart, we started trying when Emmo turned two, and I have to say, thus far it is the perfect amount of time between them. We got to enjoy Emmo by himself for quite awhile, and I am glad we did that. Now that they are 5 and 8, they get along (and fight) like good brothers should.

Just my 2 cents, LOL.

PutYourFlareOn said...

We're going home in August too! I can't wait. I guess if you were able to get your tickets already we should go ahead and get ours taken care of. Did you get a good deal?

Yay for solids! The poop will be interesting... heh. I was him already bucking in the bumbo. That's awesome. What a strong boy you got there.

White Arrow said...

OMG I am so freakin excited to see you! WOO HOO! Counting down the days. BTW, my graduation is August 8th. Will you be here by then?!?!?!