Tuesday, March 10, 2009

odds and ends

First of all, thank you all so much for your kind comments on the passing of my father-in-law. I'd intended to write a post on its own about his funeral but to be honest I'll still just burnt out on funerals and death. His memorial was nice and short, just as he would have wanted, but still quite touching. It was also very well attended and standing room only, a testament to his ability to make friends anywhere.

This past Saturday we headed East to party down with Doc and some other party people and a lovely time was had by all. Fry was jealous of all the party-making and couldn't settle down to sleep, so we headed home at 10pm. About halfway home we were "controlled" by the gendarmes in a village that boasts the only nightclub in the countryside, or so it seems. Anyway, we weren't exactly their target for the evening though Stéph still had to blow in a bag. The color changed just a twinge but the gendarme brushed it off with a "we're just gonna call that humidity" and sent us on our way. We are hardly big drinkers, especially when we know we've got a long drive home ahead of us, but still we're glad that Stéph switched to coke when he did! In any case, a great time was had and if you ever wondered, Doc makes some freaking killer chicken wings!!!

Winter break ended this weekend and Stéph headed back to school yesterday. Obviously it was a pretty crap vacation for Stéph but we're hoping to make up for it with a little family weekend away over the next break at the end of April. Fry has been going through Papa withdrawl and constantly checks out Stéph's blank computer screen and empty chair.

Speaking of Fry, we did try a little solid food this weekend. We started with carrot, since he's familiar with the taste from his carrot milk, and he did take a few spoonfuls before putting his little fist down. Sunday he took a bit more, maybe about 10 ml?, but was super fussy, couldn't relax and hardly ate for the rest of the day. Yesterday he was too cranky to sit in the seat long enough for more than one or two spoonfuls and was still super fussy, though he made up for eating less the day before by drinking every single drop of his bottles, so we've decided to wait another week. Part of the problem is that if he doesn't get a good morning nap, he can't be bothered to sit up in his bumbo chair long enough to eat from a spoon. If I can't get him rested around noon to try again, I may just push his "lunch" to the afternoon when he's in a better mood. We'll see what happens next week...

Well, that's all the news that's fit to be news. Also, it looks like Spring is trying to break through - it will be so nice to take Fry out in warmer weather!

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