Sunday, March 22, 2009

update: he likes it, hey mikey!


think he likes it

I gave him his usual 250 ml of veggie milk and he was still hungry (growing spurt, anyone?) so I offered him a bit of baby food. This is the same jar he got yesterday, but honestly you couldn't see a dent in it before.

So now I'm thinking maybe in a week or two I'll decrease the amount of milk he gets to see if he'll eat more veggies. Thanks so much for your advice yesterday!


DM said...

Ack. I didnt get to leave my two cents the other day on the feeding issue.

But this is the best advice I was given and of course it didnt sink it until I had the second one. Stay calm, they eat what they want when they want and they do just fine.

I know, wasnt good enough for a control freak like me with my first either, lol. But it really is true.

Unknown said...

Ugh...does he really eat that stuff? Looks disgusting. But I guess it must taste good. I'm surprised he is eating that kind of food so early.

Vivi said...

Michel, it's not that bad, honest! Stéph and I won't give him anything we won't eat ourselves. This was puréed green beans with a little potato thrown in. A little starchy but not bad and so far it's his favorite.

Anonymous said...

Vivi - I just wanted to pop in and tell you that everyone from the "November 08 Babies" board misses you! And as for the feeding, I've started Thor on Rice Cereal & Banana -- I honestly think mom's just know when their babies are ready for food!

Take care, and hopefully you'll pop by and say Hi to everyone...I'm sure they would love to hear how you're doing! In case you've forgotten, you can find us at: