Tuesday, January 25, 2005

letters! we have letters!

Proko left this interesting question in my comments box the other day:

I have a quizz for you.

I've just discover a crockpot recipe to use with
Italian sausages. Since I don't know what exact
kind these are, I've used this recipe with
common-found-in-France 'chair à saucisse'
(sausage stuffing). The result was good indeed,
but still, I'm wondering what it would taste like
with real Italian sausage as you can find in the
US. Could you tell me, among the kind of sausages
we can find here, what is the one closest to
Italian sausage ?

Thanks !

I have to confess that I am not exactly a sausage lover. I would throw a fit if the main dish was kielbasa, which I'm sure had my Polish ancestors turning in their graves, and I always picked out the Italian sausage in my tomato sauce (which my Italian grandfather still calls gravy), much to the dismay of the Italian side of the family. So I'm not exactly your go-to-gal on this particular subject.

Therefore, I'm opening this subject up to my fellow Americans in France. If you're looking for something close to Italian sausage (as we know it in the states, anyway) in France, what would you choose?

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