Monday, January 10, 2005

the return of squishy

Squishy came back last night from roaming the countryside, and had loads of stories of visiting cool places and pictures. She hasn't uploaded them yet, but you can get her take on New Year's Eve by visiting her blog, A Blythe Epiphany.

We all headed over to the in-laws' for a dinner of escargot (miam miam! as they say here) and rabbit stew, and had a good little visit.

Today, Steph's back to work, and Squishy and I headed over the Intermarche to pick up some lunch and dinner, and she picked up a few more little thingies to take back with her, like chocolates and candies. We're gonna have an interesting time shoving stuff into her suitcases tonight!

We made an awesome salad for lunch, which has totally inspired me to do more in the salad realm. We've been more of a meat and potatoes kind of household, and I am really starting to feel the effects. I'm determined to start eating healthier this year!

This afternoon we'll wander around town a little bit before going to get the kids. Then early tomorrow, we're heading into Paris for a couple of days, before Squishy heads back to the states (sniff!). I'm looking forward to giving my camera a little more exercise, and I hope the weather holds - it's gorgeous here today, with sunny skies and mild temperatures. I'll be back Thursday just in time for choir rehearsal, so I'll be blogging again on Friday.

So! Have a great week everybody, and I'll be regaling you with more stories of Paris very soon!

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