Wednesday, February 09, 2005

i got a hot date!

This morning, we were talking about our budget for this month, and what we want to do during Steph's vacation (as far as going and seeing things that aren't too far off), and how much we can put in savings this month.

Somewhere in the middle of the conversation he blurted out, "And I think we should go out for dinner on the 14th."

The light came on. "Oh, for Valentine's Day."

"Yeah. Just us, without the rest of the group. We'll find a nice restaurant and make a reservation."

At this point my eyes got misty and I had to turn my attention back to the dishwasher. Because, you see, I've never had a date for Valentine's Day.

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One time, the guy I was seeing gave me a card and a plant. I always got a card and some candy hearts from my mom. But, that guy I was dating? He was a student at the time, living with his mom, and never coughed up paid for anything, because, he said, he was just a student. (That relationship is a whoooooole other blog.) Last year, Steph and I were inconveniently seperated by the Atlantic Ocean. What can I tell you, I never dated a lot; I guess my standards were way too high.

So, I have never participated in the ritual that is Going On A Romantic Date On Valentine's Day.

To the cynics out there: I used to be just like you. It was always a Black Day (for example, this year it would be a Black Monday) for me. I rolled my eyes and said it was a Corporate Holiday, created by Hallmark and the flower industry (not to mention those bastards in the diamond business) to gain more profit in a slow part of the year. People who participated in this holiday were tools of the system who needed an official day to tell their significant others that they loved them.

But come Monday night, I will wear a nice outfit, and I and my favorite man in the world will go out hand in hand and eat a nice meal in public. I don't need a card (Hallmark has not stretched its greedy hand this far, ha ha!) and I don't even need a gift. Just let me have this one little thing, to see what I've been missing, lo these many years.

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