Friday, February 11, 2005

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Tracey Marshall and ViVi present...

The Great International Secret Blog Exchange!

Are you an ex-pat who's missing goodies from home? Always wanted knick-knacks from another country but haven't managed to get there yet? Want to expand your horizons and meet people from around the world? Here's your chance!

Click "Tell me More" to learn how to play!

How to Play!
Leave a comment here if you're interested. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS IN THE COMMENTS! This is for your protection!
Tracey or Vivi will email you to acknowledge your interest, and you can reply to that email with your mailing address* and three choices from the list below of what you'd like to receive:

1. Food. This includes non-perishable items, candy, and anything else that could be shipped faraway without melting or spoiling.
2. Trinkets. This is really up to interpretation, but idealy something small and touristy that says something about where you live.
3. Reading material. This includes books and magazines. Please include your language preference.
4. Surprise me! Anything goes, but must be within the price restriction below.
5. Special Request. Self-explanatory, but must be within the price restriction below.

NOW, here's where it gets interesting...
After the submission period is over, you will receive an email detailing your recipient's address and wish list. You won't, however, be told where your package is coming from. It's like "Secret Santas" on an international scale!

Submissions will be accepted until February 10, 2005. You may make a request of the country you would like to receive a package from, but this will be determined by how many submissions are received and the final decision will be made by Tracey and Vivi.

What we want to do is just be the contact people to get everyone more involved in the goodness of the blogging-expats and their readers' cultures. It's all for fun.

Here are our NON-BINDING guidelines...

Packages should be sent in a timely manner with the intent of receipt no more than one month after being informed of the destination.

We suggest not spending more than 20 dollars/euros (or the equivilent of your home currency), not including shipping. This general guideline is simply to keep it simple and affordable and relatively fair for participants. Please be advised that the 20 dollar/euro guideline is in no way a requirement but we think it's a reasonable goal.

If this experiment is successful, we hope there will be more Exchanges in the future! If you would like to make a suggestion, please email Tracey or Vivi; all suggestions will be taken into consideration.

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