Thursday, February 03, 2005

suzy homemaker emerges

I've finally thrown off the shackles of sickness. Rubbing the sleepy eye goo away, I realized that this place is a freakin' pig sty. It was so gross even I couldn't stand it, so I've been at it all day.

In addition to the usual laundry/mopping/scrubbing fun, I managed to fit in time to re-pot a plant. See?

Click "Tell me more!" to see!

This is the last remaining plant from the gorgeous basket of flowers and fauna that was presented to us by the gang that came over for Thanksgiving. Looks pretty good, no? (Don't worry, the black thumb is still intact; everything else died off as per usual)

Also in the picture is the beautiful wooden butterfly display that came in the box from Japan. A little superglue fixed up the broken wings just fine.

Since I had the camera out, I finally got a good picture of the banner still hanging in the front room.

I can't really think of any good reason for climbing up on the couch to take it down, so there it stays.

Meanwhile, I'm slowing integrating the rest of my Japanese goodies around the apartment. The tin with the picture of the girl in traditional dress is currently holding packets of tea, and this little doll is currently sitting on top of my computer monitor, close to the last two fortune cookies I got before leaving the states.

(L) An adventure awaits you around the bend.
(R) You combine good taste with a quick mind.

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