Tuesday, February 22, 2005

pause for reflection

It's hard to believe we still live in a world where you can be thrown in jail for asserting a fundamental human right - to express yourself. Incredibly, it happens everyday all over the world.

Mojtaba and Arash are bloggers who are currently in jail in Iran for doing just that.

My problems are so so small compared to so many people in the world. I have a roof over my head, clothes to keep me warm, food on the table, and endless opportunities. If I am unsatisfied with my government, I have the freedom to say so. Brave men and women all over the world who do not have this freedom are standing up to say "This is wrong" and being punished for it.

I am not a brave person. I am not an activist. I only have a small voice, but I can use it to call attention to those who are braver than I am.

To read more, visit this BBC article and the Committee to Protect Bloggers.
Originally found chez Claypot.

As for me, it snowed today, my first class was moved to 2:00pm, and more of the usual blathering on tomorrow.

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