Tuesday, March 15, 2005

announcement board

Just a couple of things happening in the Blogosphere that I wanted to mention:

The very funny and clever Ms. Mac is planning a European English Book Exchange, so if you're interested, hurry over there and let her know.

Happy and hearty congratulations to Zoe of My Boyfriend is a Twat, who won a Bloggie for Best European Blog! Please go congratulate her, but whatever you do, don't tell her the blog looks pinkish, as she insists it's plum. *wink*

As for me... well, I'm feeling a bit dull and don't have anything interesting to say, except that my English grammar books haven't arrived from Amazon yet, and they're a week late and it's making me cranky. I've been spending my time eating Doritos and reading trashy magazines. Sounds like a good time in theory, but I'm feeling like a sloth. Maybe I'll go for a walk after class today.

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