Wednesday, March 09, 2005

someone please check me for a pulse

I cannot explain to you why I am so unbelieveably exhausted today. I've been sleeping fine. Yes, I've had a little extra French communication in the last couple of days than I'm used to, but I'm feeling more physically exhausted than mentally exhausted.

We had a pleasant lunch with the in-laws and my sister-in-law, and then ran a quick errand to purchase more gas for us and the in-laws for our stoves. (Yes, I know, will explain when I'm more awake.) After that, we went to Kiabi and I found a new pair of jeans that I desperately needed (it seems all my clothes from the states have decided to spontaneously combust) and a lightweight black sweater I can wear for the concert tonight.

So yeah, I have a concert for the Conservatory tonight at 6:30. It is now nearly 3:30. I don't dare chance taking a nap and waking up even crankier than when I started, so I'm suffering through it. If I can just get through the concert without falling over (I'm only in two numbers and the auditorium will be nice and daaaaaark) I can then fall into bed. Ooooooooooh beeeeeeeeeeeeeed.........

Right. Just gonna have to go jump up and down or something. Wish me luck.

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