Sunday, March 13, 2005

blogmeet extraordinaire

What a wonderful couple of days I've just had! I met so many people, and I even managed to nearly get all the names straight. I met those who seemed like old friends, and made some fantastic new ones. I had so many interesting conversations, and still didn't manage to chat with everyone. I ate nachos (nachos!!) and cheeseburgers. I window shopped and ate Italian ice cream. I drank (more than) several Holy Malonies and didn't fall off any stools (which I have been known to do sober, so this was quite an accomplishment). I ran for a train before it turned into a pumpkin, and talked so much I lost my voice (but even that didn't stop me). I ate incredible Chinese soup and laughed and laughed and laughed.

And all in blessed, glorious English.

Many, many thanks to the very charming and funny petite anglaise for organizing this little taste of heaven. It was much needed, and very very much enjoyed.

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