Thursday, March 10, 2005


Hey, thanks everyone for the good wishes yesterday. I did manage to stay awake through the whole concert - adreneline certainly does wonders. We've all been working on various contemparary and experimental music, so it was an interesting concert! My favorite was the performance of the children, who lined up in an arc with the director at the end of the line, and she would feed a small phrase to the student in front of her, who passed it on, etc. Remember the game "telephone," or "gossip?" It was something like that. My chorale sang a short German piece called "Komm susser tod," which we sang at various tempos, which gives you the sense of many chords being played on a piano at the same time, finally resolving to a common chord. It was very cool and the audience seemed to like it a lot (as did I!).

I'm feeling a bit more rested today, which is good since I'm preparing to go to Paris tomorrow to meet my fellow Anglophone ex-pats! I think all the final preparations for my day and a half in Paris are set. Today I just have to pack and make sure I've got all the directions and phone numbers I need. I just got back from my Thursday morning French class, which I'm really enjoying, because it's just me, the teacher and l'iranniene. Her French is a little better than mine, so we're able to move a bit quicker and work on more grammar than in the Tuesday class. I just can't let my mind wander for a moment, though!

If the weather holds, I'm hoping to go on a little walk this afternoon with Steph, and then I've got rehearsal tonight. Hopefully, keeping busy today will help me get a good night's sleep before my journey tomorrow!

Finally, Oz asked how Troyes is pronounced. In fact, it's pronounced "twah," like the number three in French: "trois." It's not an extremely well known town in France, like Toulouse or Marsaille, but I'm told that people in the north know of it because of its magasins d'usines, or outlet stores. Steph says that more and more people in France will be able to pronounce it though, as it is similar to a movie that came out last year.

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