Friday, March 18, 2005

how could I have forgotten this?

Man. It has been really nice these last few days. *cough* I've found myself just looking for excuses to go run some errands. *sniff* It's been lovely to have the windows open and have fresh air running through the place. *cough cough* It still seems strange to me that they don't need screens on the windows here. *ah-choo! 'scuse me* Nope, we just close the shutters for privacy and open the windows for the fresh air. *blows nose - pardon* We'll have to keep the windows open at least until the proprietor turns the radiators off. *cough cough cough* The only problem? I have really bad seasonal allergies. *ah-choo!!* I've never been in France for more than two weeks during spring, so I'm not really sure how bad this is gonna be. *sniffle sniffle*

So, I'm just kinda wondering if any one has any suggestions. *cough cough cough* Back in the states I took Allegra-D Clartin-D (how quickly we forget) 12 hour medicine, everyday. *sniffle sniffle* Does anyone know if there is something similar here, that I can take everyday and won't put me to sleep ('cause I have Benedryl but it puts me in a coma)? Because if I don't nip this in the bud, it will certainly develop into one mother of a cold. *ah-CHOO!*

Thanks very much. *cough*

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