Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Helloooooooo gorgeous!

First let me say that I've been trying to publish that last post since this morning, so now that it seems to be working, I can write something (arguably) more substantial.

(Update: Well, it looks like I only found a lucky window for my last post, as Blogger is acting funky again. Heaven only knows when I'll get this one to publish!)

It is absolutely stunningly gorgeous here, and spring has officially sprung. The skies are blue and the temperatures have climbed to over 60F. I'd been itching to get out of the apartment all day and was anxious to go, even if it was to go grocery shopping, but Steph was holding me back, as he was waging a very important battle over a tower, or killing elves, or some such. Finally we made it out the door around 3:30.

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Everyone was out in full force today, enjoying the beautiful weather. Once inside the store, we made our usual rounds. We like to go up and down all of the isles every once in awhile, as you never know when inspiration for a new dish will strike. Once we get to the produce section, we usually split up and meet back up.

I was coming back from a reconnaissance mission, carrying eggs, milk and butter, when I found Steph poking at a display of fresh flowers. He chose a yellow bouquet as I put the items in the cart.

Me: Ooh, who are those for?
Him: My wife. *big cheesy grin*
Me: Well, she's a lucky lady.

It was one of those moments when you just wish that nosy eavesdropper standing next to you actually understood what you were saying. *sigh*

Needless to say, I floated through the store and back to the car, into the bright sunny afternoon, glowing in the spontaneity of my hubby. Suddenly, as we were stopped at a light facing direct sunlight, Steph raised my sun visor.

Me: AAAAH! My eyes!
Him: Sorry! I couldn't see the light!
Me: *whimper*
Him: But but but.... I bought you flowers!


Me: Does this mean you'll be using the flowers as an excuse for the rest of the week?
Him: *strokes chin, raises eyebrow* Hmm...... yeeeeeees... it's a good idea!

Well, there's men for you. That's alright, because I've still got a touch of spring in the house, and they smell delicious.

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Yes, that is a topiary bunny!
The only Easter bunny I'm likely to see!

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