Monday, March 28, 2005

mellow easter

Yesterday was a quiet and peaceful Easter. As a matter of fact, it was so peaceful and quiet that there were so signs of Easter at all, save the few tiny chocolate eggs wrapped in foil in the candy dish at my mother-in-law's. It could have been any other Sunday, with my sister-in-law and family down from Reims for the day. We had a delicious lunch followed by a charlotte for dessert. We watched a movie. I played checkers with my nine-year-old niece. We ended up even. In my defense, Steph helped the opposition. Then we went home.

Steph was very sad that his mother didn't buy him his annual chocolate chicken. I told him I'd buy him one this week, as I'm sure they'll all be on sale. Are you kidding me? An excuse to buy chocolate? Hellooooo!

I have known for some time that the Easter Bunny does not visit France to hide chocolate and eggs in living rooms across the country, with the really well hidden ones only found a week later thanks to the smell. There are no Easter baskets filled with green plastic "grass" and filled with chocolate and peeps. And, at least in my French family, there is no dressing up in your Easter best to go to church (which means no excuse to go buy a really great new Spring outfit, but I digress).

In France, the church bells all fly to Rome to say hello to the Pope, and bring back eggs and other goodies. I could make a stand and say how silly this is, but we've got a furry mammal scurrying around with baskets of eggs, so who am I to judge? At least they've got a little religion in their story.

So anyway, last night was a very late night indeed. Thanks to a little help from a couple of extremely cool people, I can now watch my American DVD's on Steph's DVD player. Obviously I popped in Pride & Prejudice to swoon at Mr. Darcy for a little while. Steph was playing away at the computer, and I figured I'd watch my movie until he was ready to go to bed, since the movie is about eight hours long. I finally gave up waiting for him at 3:00 in the morning. Turns out, he was waiting for me to stop watching the movie. It was a very "chocolate in my peanut butter" moment:

"I was waiting for you to stop!"

"But I was waiting for you to stop!"

Didn't anyone tell him that men are supposed to know what we're thinking at all times? ;)

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