Sunday, September 05, 2004

All Shopped Out

Man, y'all, when the French throw a festival, they don't mess around! When Maman Uté invited us to go to the vide grenier (a cross between a flea market and a garge sale; when you see one in a small village, it's generally the people who live there with tables with their old junk. Yes, one person's trash in another person's treasure, and you can usually find some interesting things for sale.) , I thought it would be like the one we went to in April: a tiny village with tables in a field, with maybe a concession stand. Ooooooooooh no, not today.

Turns out that Sainte Savine, a suburb of Troyes, was hosting an enormous vide grenier so large they shut down most of the town! Some of you may be familiar with Bele Chere, the summer festival in Asheville billed as the largest outdoor festival in the southeast. This thing was easily twice that size. It wasn't just families selling the junk from their closets, it was also local stores, food, carnival rides, street performers, and live music. It took us over an hour and a half to walk down one side. It was exhausting, but entertaining! And I did manage to find a couple of things I was looking for:

  • a bedside lamp, white, 3 Euros
  • a little vanity box for odds and ends, 3 Euros
  • an egg timer, in the shape of a pear, 1 Euro
  • a new wallet, 'cause my new ID card wont fit in my old one, 6 Euros

Now here's the funny part: it was really quite warm today, maybe about 85°? But the humidity was lower than my shoe size, so while it was hot standing in direct sunshine, it wasn't really too bad in the shade. Unfortunately, this temperature is absolutely unheard of in September here, and everyone was falling all over themselves! So for me it was a little uncomfortable, but not too bad, but for Stéph, Maman Uté and Corinne it was a blistering desert. I was surprised when Stéph decided to ditch the shopping-mad in-laws and head for home. We considered taking a bus (we were on the opposite side of town, about a 20 minute walk with a good city stride) but since they aren't air conditioned we stumbled home on foot.

The apartment was nice and cool when we came in, which is constantly a surprise to me. I thought I would be miserable on a day like today with no a/c, but Stéph tells me that with the foot and a half thick walls and the tile floors on top of concrete, I'm sure, it would take a couple of weeks of weather like this to affect the apartment. It's lovely on a warm day like today, but it's crazy cold in the winter.

On the homefront, we started the armoire this morning, and we had just enough energy when we got home to finish it off. Now, I just have to put my stuff in it, which I think I'll start here in a few minutes. Tomorrow we're going to the in-laws' for lunch and we'll meet Carine and her family at 3:00. Then I think it will finally be time for a good rest!

Carrie: I don't know if you can say finding a job was resourceful; I think the reality is that it was just dumb luck. Carine and her family just happened to go to church with a co-worker of mine, who basically hooked us up. Call it divine providence or fate; I'll take it anyway I can get it!



Anonymous said...

Ahh! Hurricane!!! Panic!!!

*runs around in circles*

We're still ok here. Still have power. The wind kicked up a bit last night, and now it's starting to pick up again. The "eye" (it's really disappating) is going to be here sometime this evening and we'll still have to deal with it tomorrow as the back of the storm passes over us. East coast got hit pretty good, though. Vero Beach got the full brunt of it. Brevard County is being knocked around because they took the north side of the storm. Ew.

Vivi said...

Uh, I'm guessing that's a post from Amanda? :/

Anonymous said...

Oops .. yeah, it was.


Vivi said...

Alright, will let you slide this time. ;)