Thursday, September 09, 2004

New Editions

Greetings gentle readers. Sorry I've been quiet; As you can see over to the right I've added a few little thingies, hoping for some more participation from the reading audience (HINT HINT). That being said, lemme see what's been going on the last couple of days.......

Second day babysitting wasn't so bad, especially since the folks came home a bit early (first thought: "yahoo i'm freeeeeeeeeee"). Discovered that I., the youngest at age 4, has learned some particularly nasty language already at school, and much to the dismay of the children, I understood it (thanks Doc!). Let it slide tho, since he said it under his breath, indicating that he already knew it was particularly nasty, and was just trying to see what he could get away with. The girls, aged 6 and 8, were fine at first, but as soon as we started to play a game, accusations of cheating abounded and tears flew. Luckily it was just as their Maman was walking in the door so I was saved that scene.

Found out the hard way that, while the walls are quite thick, they're not soundproofed worth squat. Our (presumably) university student next door neighbor had friends over the other night, and talked all night, without one single pause. I think they used megaphones, directed at the wall we share, where of course our bed is just on the other side. I really really really wanted to shout "OH FOR CHRISSAKES SHADDAP ALREADY" at 3:30 in the morning but didn't when I remembered that they probably wouldn't understand and could possibly mistake my scream of frustration for a scream for help and called the gendarmerie and turn into a complete fiasco. Luckily it's been quiet over there since but have been going to bed on pins and needles, ready to flip out at the first sign of conversation next door.

Yesterday was Steph's day off, and while we mostly wanted to relax (I don't think either one of us is completely over jet lag yet), we had a few more things to do. The most entertaining thing we did was to go to the library especially for teachers, where we found (much to hubby's surprise) a section on teaching french as a second language to adults. We chose three books: a workbook, a conversation book, and a book with exercises and a cassette, all tied together like a proper class. We can keep the books for three weeks, and then only have to go back and check them out again. Classes with my hubby/prof start this week sometime, when we can both concentrate on something for more than an hour without falling asleep.

Today is blissfully quiet; just catching up on a little laundry and only have to walk to the Intermarche to pick up something for dinner. I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow, when I'll be inducted into the American Wives of Frenchmen Club, Haute Marne/Aube Chapter (which is really lunch with Doc and Sandra who are coming for the afternoon) and then dinner with Steph's colleages on the town tomorrow night. Saturday I'll finally meet Steph's oldest brother and his family, and we've got a little celebration to go to Saturday evening at the home of his other brother. And Sunday there is nothing planned, and I hope it stays that way.

And now I'd like to extend happy happy birthday greetings to my dear dear friend Carrie, who turns *mufflemuffle* today! Many many more you crazy cat, you!


Anonymous said...


If she's anything like me, I know how old she is! ;p

Happy birthday, Carrie! Woo! :)


Anonymous said...

it's a big year for me, folks...a big year. Strangely, I'm not too concerned--oops! gotta run, my first botox appointment is at 10am...