Monday, September 06, 2004

Gurgle Gurgle Muarf

I've been unbelieveably nauseous all morning. I think it's directly related to the cassorole dish, who's lid I removed shortly before depositing it into the dishwasher. Did I happen to mention that this dish was last opened for Saturday's lunch? (mental note: must get better handle on housewifely duties.)

Went to the Intermarche (have switched back to my qwerty keyboard, so all the cool accents are lost, unless I feel like switching back and forth between computers, which I don't) to get something for lunch today and dinner tonight. Since we're both working this evening (tee hee), Steph suggested a frozen pizza, which is fine with me. They're surprisingly good. My stomach rolled when I entered, since "fresh" meat and seafood are displayed very near the entrance. Craving familiarity since I'm feeling under the weather, I found a ham & cheddar (cheddar? I can find it in a sandwich but not at the mile long cheese display at the super-Walmart-like Carrefour???) sandwich and some Pringles. Aaaah, comfort food.

My trip to the Intermarche leads me to....

Funniest Thing I Saw Today
Walking down the cereal isle, looking for Steph's (aw who am I kidding? I eat it too) Meuslix, I saw something strangely familiar. It was Kellogg's Sugar Smacks, but it was just called Smacks. Rather disturbing was the familiar frog smiling at me on the box, with a little french flag painted on his cheek. I guess it's not an insult if you accept it first?

Ah, but the day is still young, and I have work to do today. Wish me luck!

Bisous! (Kisses!)

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