Saturday, September 18, 2004

Autumn Falls Like a Brick

Yep, we're settling into autumn now, which for now means getting down to the low 40's at night and up to the low 70's during the day, which is quite cool when you don't have humidity. No humidity is still a new concept for me, but I'm slowly getting used to it. Stéph assures me that this weather is normal for this time of year, and he mentioned that he wouldn't be surprised if we saw temps below freezing in the mornings in just a couple of weeks. We have a radiator in the bedroom which is controlled by the proprietor of the building (there's a radiator in all the bedrooms in the building), but it's not turned on until he deems it cold enough/decides he's ready to pay for it. After it's turned on we'll be living in this room as the heat in the front room is electric and it's not worth the expense, really. Besides, we've got the computers and the tv in here, so its not like we're missing anything.

Yesterday we took the 20 minute drive to the nearest forest to hunt for mushrooms. This little hobby is something Stéph has done all his life and knows exactly what he's looking for. For me it was just a little hike in the woods, but apparently the ground was too dry for mushrooms so we just had a nice little romp in the forest. When we got home, Stéph took down his trusty mushroom book and showed me what we'd be looking for. It's a funky little thing called trompettes de mort which, if you're paying attention, translates to trumpets of death. Sounds tasty, eh?


Anonymous said...

How is it that you get no humidity??? You lucky you know how good my hair would look over there?


Vivi said...

Oh, don't be jealous; my hair's gonna look like straw if this keeps up.

Lucy P said...

you and I should swap! I live in what must be the dampest part of Portugal, heading for another winter where you can't hang washing out to dry... it just doesn't dry even if you leave it out for a week!

Anonymous said...

Between the no humidity and all the lime in the water here (in Germany), my hair just hasn't been quite the same since leaving the States. No wonder it always feels so good when I go home for a visit to Florida!

Anonymous said...

Can't regulate heat or cold, huh? Sound's like NYC where you pay $3K a month for a closet and can't keep the temp the way you like it!!! Talk to Irene.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm ... death trumpets .... /drool


How far away is it from where you live to go for a walk "in the woods"? I'd love to have something like that close to home.


Kelistoir said...

Hi, i'm a friend of Mô (Stéph) and Mylène sent me your blog.

Sorry for non french speakers but i switch in french.

Ton mari a raison, tu devrais vite aller t'acheter de gros pull, des gants et une énorme écharpe parce que dans quelques jours les rues seront recouvertes de glace !


I hope i'll meet you soon, byebye

Vivi said...

Vit - honestly, I feel your pain, having grown up on the east coast of Florida. Everything is always damp, including yourself, the minute you walk out the door. And I can't think of anything worse than cold AND damp - do you get pretty cold winters?

Anna - I've just about given up on anything remotely stylish with my hair, especially since I've decided to grow it out. I think I'll be ok with LOTS of moisturizer!

Mom - luckily we're in something bigger than a closet - about twice the size of my old place, in fact - but yeah, having no say when the heat comes on is a real bummer. Was already cold yesterday so it's not looking good.

Keli - salut et bienvenue! j'espere nous rencontrerons à bientot aussi! :P

And what he said was: your husband is right (about the weather), you should get some sweaters 'cause it's gonna be icy soon!

Vivi said...

Oh, and A; it's a 20 minute drive. Like I said in the post. :P

Anonymous said...

Blargh ... I kan reed.

Seriously though ... I just drove back from a friend's house (it's 9:15 p.m.) and this was the first time in a *long* time that it was just gorgeous outside. It has to be 75, 78ish outside with the humidity not too bad. I didn't have to run my air conditioning on the way home! Woo! Did see some love bugs today. (ick)


Vivi said...

Argh I don't miss love bugs. At. All.

Tho we still manage to come up with a windshield full of bug guts whenever we drive anywhere.