Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Suffocated By Snot

Hm. Sorry for the visual there, but am still feeling a bit under the weather. Just wanted to do a couple of little housekeeping thingies before I run out for more tissues.

Oh yes, am still feeling the change of seasons, but luckily I did bring a box of Claritin-D with me, and that seems to be helping, at least during the day. Hopefully this will clear up before I run out!

Over 1000 views!
Hurray, you crazy kids have sent my site counter to over 1000 views, and while I suspect that most of that is from yours truly, even I'm not obsessive enough to check it every five minutes, so somebody must be stopping by. So in the words of the Bartles & James spokesmen, "We thank you for your support." (If you don't know them, just think two older gentlemen relaxing on their veranda with a wine cooler on hand, speaking in a southern accent)

And now, the Weather
In the interest of sharing with the friends back home what it's like here, I've added a weather bar. Please keep in mind that as of now I don't have heat in the house, and let your imagination take you to the logical conclusion (i.e. my toes are now blueish).

No really, it's a good thing
I still have five (count 'em - five!) gmail invites to give away. I promise they do not cause your computer to explode or type in teen speak (like OhMyGod that wud suck u no? lOl). If you are looking for free email with a ton of storage space, this is for you. All ya gotta do is ask.

OK, I'm off to find a doctor who can do a sinus transplant. A+++

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