Thursday, September 23, 2004


So I thought I'd be clever and add haloscan, but it's all gone to pot. I've got to go to tra-la-la here in a little bit, so I'll try to fix it tonight if not before.

And I'm really disappointed the the previous comments are gone....... Please don't think it was intentional (I'm moody but really not that bad). Please bear with me folks, we'll have this under control soon (I hope).

Well; it looks more like it did before, but I'm sorry I didn't know about the comments going away. They're not really gone forever, they're saved in Blogger's archives apparently, but they haven't come up with a way for the two comments applications to merge together. So to recent posters Tracey and Ruth (and I'm sure there's more I'm not thinking of, I'm sorry, it's been a long day) and all you other bloggers and visitors, please go at it with the commenting; tomorrow I'll try to make the pop up comments box prettier but I give up for today. Bon soiree!

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