Friday, September 03, 2004

Baby Steps

A couple of interesting things happened yesterday. Determined not to hide in the apartment, I walked down to the Intermarché (grocery store) to pick up a few things for dinner last night and lunch for today. No one pointed and laughed, so I guess I was inconspicuous. I didn't exactly start up any conversations either, but at least I managed to do something on my own.

The other interesting thing is that my mother-in-law stopped by, about an hour before Stéphane got home. (Her: I was just driving around town! Me: !!!!!) Actually, we were able to eek out a decent conversation. I'm pretty much able to kind of make myself understood, but since the hardest thing for me right now is hearing & comprehending, I didn't do to badly as long as she spoke slowly. The hand gestures didn't hurt either. She told Stéph the other night on the phone that both she and Corinne wanted to call me, but didn't know what they could say, and I know exactly what they mean; it's way easier to eek out a conversation in person when you can point out things and improvise sign language.

This afternoon will be pretty busy. On the schedule is the Prefecture, Stéph's insurance company, the furniture store, the Carre Four (equivelent to a Wal-Mart supercenter), and the in-laws. Whew! We may try to hook up the computer tonight, so it may be tomorrow before I can update.

I want to take this opportunity to say hi to those of you in Florida who are preparing for Frances to arrive. I just saw that she seems to be calming down a bit and I hope it stays that way. We'll be thinking about y'all this weekend, so please take care and let us know how that goes.

A++ (computer slang for a plus tard or "see ya later")


Anonymous said...

Just dropped in for a minute... Thanks for fixing the anonymous thing! Good Luck with your language experience. Please log your funny experiences, like when you are wanting a burger (assuming you can get them like over there) and end up with an oil change, etc! Have fun. UB

Vivi said...
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Vivi said...

Dang it, still trying to get a handle on this computer thingie..... *sigh*

What I wanted to say was, Oh, I'm sure there will be plenty of embarrassing stories, and I know that it's my duty to share them all, for better or worse!