Friday, September 10, 2004

Errands Never End

Sister in law Corinne's birthday was Monday, and what she wants is a new purse from Lidl. Wouldn't I mind going to pick it up? It's in the direction of Quick, it can't be very far. Nevermind that we can't find it in the yellow pages. It's just under 30 Euros. Have a good day!

Ugh. What I really wanted to do was go downtown to Fnac (I just love saying that. Fnac Fnac Fnac Fnac...) to find the latest issue of Time magazine and maybe a new book in english. But, one less errand to run on the weekend sounded (slightly) better so off I went.

It was lovely when I first started... not so hot, a light breeze, blue skies, interesting shops to look at, since I hadn't been out this way by myself yet. I walked the two or three blocks to Quick (a Belgian burger joint, the only competetor to McDonald's in France) but thanks to low caffeine levels had forgotten the name of the store I was looking for. Libl? Leisel? I was muttering "weebles wobble but they don't fall down" when I saw Lidl across the street. By now the street had widened to a six lane highway so I had to back track a couple of blocks to find a decent place to cross. Once safely inside the Lidl (which is just like Aldi: crap products from manufacturers you've never heard of at low low prices) there was not a purse to be found. Dejected, I headed to my next stop, Intermarche, for tonight's dinner.

Suddenly, the temperature rose about 10 degrees (farenheight, thank you). This happens no matter what time of day I leave the house, whether it be 11am or 4pm. Instantly whatever I'm wearing is terribly inappropriate, and the long sleeved t-shirt that seemed like a good idea at the get go was clinging in places t-shirts should never cling. Trodged home in sudden sahara-like heat.

Funniest Thing I Saw Today
A Ford F250 rumbled by me at the intersection of the Intermarche. Dragged my jaw into the market where I saw.... oh dear lord, no........

Why oh why, someone please tell me, why someone would actually want and purchase on purpose ham flavored potato chips? Oh yes, you too can buy a bag at your local Intermarche.


Jingle_Lady said...

Excellent description of Lidl and Aldi! :) I prefer to shop at Toom here in Germany (Cora or Intermarche's equivalent here). For this I was labeled as being "expensive" by my (former) German boyfriend who loved shopping at Lidl. Ha!

Have you also noticed a fascination with Pepper/Paprika flavored chips? Kind of like BBQ, but not?

Vivi said...

YES. Completely boggles the mind. And you would think sour creme and onion was very rare, by the way Stéph's friends devoured them when we had them over in April, with exclamations of "oooooooooh sour creme & onion!" before stuffing them in their faces.

I didn't like Aldi in the states (tho their veggies weren't half bad)and I found they're not so hot here either. Luckily, hubby feels the same way. :)

zoe said...

aldi is OK in belgium - we don't get lidl. my favourite is delhaize but i can't remember if those exist in france.

as for crisps - gimme pickles anytime - but tomato ketchup flavoured crisps look vile.

Vivi said...

Hiya Zoe! Thanks for stopping by...

We've got "dill" flavored chips in the states, so I think that's the same as your pickle..... but I did see the chips Katsup Heinz and thought of blood-splattered chips. Bleurg.

But Quick is lovely, they certainly kick McDoo's ass!