Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Stuck in Second Gear

I absolutely can not get my ass in gear today. I fell back asleep after Steph left for work (presumably still tired after the mosquito air raid) so it was after 9:30 when I actually got out of bed. Then I turned on the computer and suddenly I'm in fast forward. I managed to get some laundry started, but couldn't be bothered to take a shower and I still didn't get out the door to run errands until after 11:30. By the time I got to Lidl to buy Corinne's bag, they'd closed for lunch (yes that's right, the grocery closed for lunch) so I headed back. I popped into the Petit Casino 15 minutes before they closed for lunch for some much needed caffeiene and trodged home.

I did have a lovely surprise when I got home: my mailbox actually works! Instead of openning it and finding diddly-squat, there were actually letters! And my Rolling Stone magazine! And ooh, a letter from Rolling Stone..... ah, a renewal. Well that's not bad, it's not too expensive, just $12 a year, I could ...................


well dammit all to hell.

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