Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Kamikaze Mosquitoes

It doesn't seem so long ago that our appendages were blossoming with mosquito bites back in the states. Don't worry, Steph assured me, you never see mosquitoes in Troyes, because they put something in the river to kill them. Concerns about the environment set aside, I thought this sounded like heaven. Never again would I be plagued by the suckers.

Hoo boy, was I wrong.

Last night, around 3am, I was awoken by a B-2 bomber landing in my ear. This sucker was so loud it had me sitting up shaking my head wildly whilst batting myself in the face. Steph got a good laugh, but the same thing happened to him about an hour later. Bwahahahahha.

I can't find where it actually bit me, though. Maybe it was just a reconnaisance mission?

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