Thursday, September 16, 2004

Je suis Chanteuse!

I have just spent two of my favorite hours since I arrived in France. Ma belle soeur Isabelle and I went to our first rehearsal with the chorale at the Conservatory. I must say, it was chock full of non-stop surprises:
  • The director speaks english.
  • There's a sorprano who's originally from Thailand who spent 3 years in the states, so another english speaker.
  • Our first song, a madrigal, is in english.

Of course, I didn't expect the whole dang thing to be in english, but what I found is that I do in fact know three languages (albeit one of them very very badly): english, french (that'll be the bad one) and music. The director could have been speaking Finnish and I still would have understood her. I am really really really happy this fell into my lap!

After a brief audition alone with the director, I was accepted and will stay in the alto section, and Isabelle will change over to the sopranos. Oh; the other big surprise was that Isabelle told me that she never sang before, but she really has a lovely soprano voice. I think she was just as shocked!

Right; dinner's on the table (yay Corinne!) so more soonish.


Anonymous said...

All that "English" sounds like a set-up to me, ha ha. Just too good to be true!!! Glad you've found a place to keep your beautiful voice alive!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I know that means so much to you to be able to sing. And you're so right about music being a language of its own.