Thursday, September 23, 2004

Lady of Leisure, My Ass

This week I have:
  • flooded the bathroom
  • been informed that my mother-in-law doesn't think I'm doing such a great job keeping house (oh don't even get me started on this one please)
  • forgotten how to make rice that isn't instant
  • almost threw away a "good quality" table cloth (it's polyester, people)

So this morning I have:

  • cleaned and mopped the front room
  • taken precautions to not flood the bathroom again
  • cleaned the gelatenous mass that was supposed to be rice from the saucepan, stove, and various and sundry other kitchen implements
  • thrown the "good quality" table cloth in the wash to brighten it up a bit

And all before 9am.

I'll take that stiff drink now, please.


Anonymous said...

don't get you started on YOUR mother-in-law?

oh hell, should we swap notes or just hire a two-for-one hit man?

Doc :-)

Vivi said...

Yes, I know, unlike yours my mother-in-law a)doesn't live next door and b) turned in her key to the apartment when I arrived. I know it could be worse but damn, I literally had not been here 2 weeks when she started making noise!

Anonymous said...

so, you're the damn Italian.

call up Bruno or Tony or someone and lets fix this shit

Vivi said...

I um..................... don't know what you mean. *looks away and whistles*